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Bit. is a dark-comedy that portrays the life of a Black entrepreneur and his friends, as they navigate Silicon Valley in an effort to feel like they belong.

Don’t Get Fired

Don’t Get Fired is a video series bringing you stories, tips, and strategies to support your career. Hosted by two HR Managers at the world’s biggest tech companies, DGF discuss trends, challenges, and solutions to assist listeners in their everyday workplace experiences.

The Byte

The Byte is a moderated video podcast featuring underrepresented tech workers discussing tech life. Watch each week as the host and 5 guest share a meal and discuss the “ins and outs of being black in tech.

The Byte’s mission is to foster a dialogue that reflects the nuances of race, gender, sexuality, & culture within the tech industry.

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Work In Progress

Work in Progress is a podcast that explores failure. Every week we will dive into the essential life lessons that failure produces and how it translates to the life of the listener. Work in Progress is a space to explore, heal and expand the moments that continually make us who we are both personally and professionally.

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